Optical Fiber

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Improved productivity with optical fiber

Information technology is at the heart of businesses’ performance nowadays. These technological advances improve organizations’ productivity and profitability.

Optical fiber is one of the most performing solutions. Choosing this option hopefully brings back a major concept often forgotten in our sector: the necessity to establish THE proper strategy in terms of structured cabling.

As a matter of fact, though the optical fiber meets quite well businesses’ requirements looking for faster and more powerful data transmission, a sound analysis is required to start any project. This analysis must take into consideration, among other things, the infrastructures already in place, the objectives needing to be achieved and the impact of this implementation on the organization’s current computer equipment.

For example, our team of experts can start by analysing adequately the major bandwidth needs of various departments and validating the impact of installing optical fiber on the infrastructure and equipment already on site. It is always more advisable to get information before starting the whole process.

When initiating this first stage, you benefit from the expertise of our technicians to establish a true cabling infrastructure strategy that will become your most profitable asset. Apart from analysing your needs, the qualified team at Calibre Plus can install optical fiber networks in conformity with effective standards. It also ensures post-installation and maintenance follow-ups.

Here are some of the solutions offered in terms of optical fiber:

  • Custom-designed implementation to meet all the various needs whether for the institutional, corporate, industrial or commercial sector
  • Centralized installation: horizontal and vertical distribution
  • Installation of all types of optical fiber: OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and single mode
  • Optical fiber fusion
  • Installation of optical fiber linked to workstations
  • Specialized infrastructure for data centers
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