Server room

Server room, IT server, Business server

Design of IT server rooms for businesses

The server room constitutes the core of any organization. Its design and maintenance require expert knowledge and know-how. For more than 20 years now, we have been supporting our clients’ development by offering reliable and efficient services.

From design of server rooms to technical support and upgrades, you can count on the technical expertise of our team members.

Calibre Plus offers a wide array of services related to the design, structuring, remodelling and integration of IT server rooms, as much within the framework of the company’s ongoing business than for relocation, moving or reconfiguration:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Benchmarking – costs/benefits
  • Short, middle and long-term needs analysis
  • Detailed design for implementation or remodelling projects of IT server rooms
  • Project support
  • Turnkey project solutions
  • Development of strategies to remodel, upgrade or optimize the business’ server
  • Programs for the support of operations to prevent systems failure further to changes in operating conditions
  • Evaluating the efficiency and performance through multi-point inspections
  • Remodelling or upgrading

Our objective is to do the utmost to identify any risks that can impact your business continuity, establish a precise diagnosis as well as provide concrete solutions to solve any urgent problem, improve performance and reduce costs.

Visit our blog on basic maintenance advice for IT server rooms or ask for a server room assessment at 514-355-5374 or

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