Network cabling

Network cabling, Server room for businesses, Ethernet cabling


Structured cabling for businesses

Having problems with network transmissions, unexpected log-offs, defective network control systems and slow computer systems?

These are some of the symptoms that signal the defective functioning of a network cabling system when transmitting data. Such problems are especially hard to detect because all of the cables are hidden in walls that are usually inaccessible.

Therefore, when a network cabling system is not properly designed or installed, it becomes a burden for management, it lowers productivity and it means losing important sources of revenues. So, right from the start, this task should be assigned to our experts who work with our loyal clients and benefit from a sound reputation.

We propose overall cabling solutions for any type of IT infrastructure and server room:

  • Design and setup
  • CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a
  • Optical fiber: single and multimode
  • Wireless

The experts at Calibre Plus are excellent at design and installation. They are also very good trouble shooters, capable of finding the source of any problem when they are called in on site to repair network cabling infrastructures. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

We must also point out that the high quality products used by Calibre Plus are additional benefits to ensure your IT infrastructure and server room’s reliability. We warrant the quality of the work performed for a minimum of 10 years on all the products we use.


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